Jill T. Lorenz

Freelance Attorney
4425-C Treat Blvd. #157  •  Concord, CA 94521
Office: (925) 672-8286  •  Fax: (925) 626-4052
Giving lawyers a life


Paul S. Nesse, Esq.

"I have utilized the services of Jill Lorenz on many occasions over the past several years. She has worked in the areas of personal injury, business, and family law matters and her work has been exemplary. Her research has been excellent and provided the basis for points and authorities submitted in many cases. In addition, she has handled many discovery issues, including the preparation of meet and confer letters, motions to compel, and preparation of points and authorities regarding those matters. She needs very few instructions or directions, and has handled these matters in an independent and professional matter. Presently, I continue to use Jill's services in many different areas of the law. She also works very well with my staff. Without hesitation, I recommend her to any attorney needing the services of a professional to assist in the handling of a large caseload."

James B. Wickersham, Esq.

"I used the services of Jill Lorenz as a freelance attorney in regard to personal injury, business and real estate matters for approximately 10 years, until I closed my own office. The quality of Jill's work was exceptional. She knew the deadlines and her work was always done in a timely manner. Jill was able to work independently and once given a task, she carried it out in a conscientious and professional manner."

Mark A. Goodman, Esq.

"I initially started to work with Jill when another attorney referred her to me. I needed an experienced, skilled research attorney who could handle a series of complex discovery motions. Jill took on the assignment and her work product produced the results my client needed to leverage an excellent settlement of his case. Recently, Jill took the laboring oar to write a response to a motion for summary judgment that was denied in a very difficult construction defect case involving negligence and statute of limitations issues. Due to Jill's work the case resulted in a six figure settlement for my client."

William Hanson, Esq.

"I have hired Jill more than once to help manage my case load of legal work. Jill is smart, personable, highly efficient and can easily grasp complex legal issues and find solutions. She is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her to any overworked attorney."